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Graham restoration

carshowphotos3 carshowphotos3 Port Angeles, Washington 2004 early meet surprise to tour a B-17 WWII Bomber 54590186 Getting instructions on the park While we wait why not have a snack 54590187 The group gets together Walking tour thru the back country 2004 54590188 Are we having fun yet? 54590189 Beautiful country around Port Angeles Walking thru the woods 54590390 The Olympic Mountain Range,2004 Down below is was foggy, now we wre on top of the fog 54590391 A scenic background It was a great drive up the mountain to see this view. 54590392 British Victoria, Columbia A ferry trip to Canada and tour a very beautiful city. 54590393 Car show time A sharknose from the Lemay collection. 54590394 Three trains were present at the show I guess the one was a pirate train. 54590395 People enjoying the show It was a sunny day for the show 54590396 Banquet time A couple dress in period clothes for the banquet 54590397 Fredericksburg, Texas meet 2005 A trip to San Antonio, and the start of the annual festival. 54590398 Dixieland Region members 2005 Strolling the streets of San Antonio 54590399 San Jose Mission One of the missions in the San Antonio area. 54590400 Starting on our touring Grahams in the back country 2005 54590401 A chuck wagon breakfast Old western tall tails were told and some cowboy songs were sung. 54590402 Dixieland Region ran the hospitality room The ladies in the kitchen, they thought they were on vacation. 54590403 The Dixieland Region Group wearing the Varisity hot dog stand hats from Atlanta, GA. 54590404 Luckenbach, Texas 2005 Not much there, only two other buildings. 54590405 The big red rock One solid rock, and many cilmbed to the top. 54590406 Banquet time 2005 Ladies in period dress for the banquet. 54590407 Peroid clothes Dress the year of your car. 54590408 Period clothes in Fredericksburg 2005 Now were off to a great meal. 54590409 Prescott, AZ Graham meet 2006 Driving instructions to start out on tour. 54590410 Story telling The story about Miss Sharlot Hall 54590411 Grahams ready to tour 2006 A line up of cars with great scenery 54590412 Dixieland members Enjoying the great Arizona landscape 54590413 Yeee-Hawww Two Arizona cowboys enjoying the cars. 54590414 Getting ready for the Pink Jeep tour Going into the back country 54590415 Waiting for the train The train ride to the Grand Canyon 54590416 Dixieland members at the Grand Canyon Yup, that sure is a big hole! 54590417 Car show Graham parts for sale 54590418 1939 two door Graham a very rare Graham 54590419 Dressed for the twenties headed for the banquet 54590420 Looking good The 2006 banquet 54590421 Graham owners meet 2007 sand art just for us? 54590422 On tour in New Hampshire 2007 The Graham Owners meet in 2007 54590423 The trolley museum Waiting for a ride on a trolley 54590424 A Graham Brothers Bus Several members ventured into the warehouse to see the bus. 54590425 A bus ride to Boston It was a fun way to get to Boston 54590426 The Boston Harbour Having fun in Boston 2007 54590427 At the bus stop Getting ready to haed home 54590428 Another day of touring Having a lobster dinner is always fun. 54590429 Are we lost? Keeping track of everyone by phone 54590430 The Saturday car show 22 cars on display on the show field. 54590431 Banquet time The Graham meet coming to an end/ 54590432 The youth award The youth judged the cars and presented their award. 54590433 In the parking garage Getting ready to depart for home. 54590434