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Graham restoration

carshowphotos carshowphotos 1998 San Diego Graham Bradley Tractor 54590323 1998 car show In San Diego, California 54590324 The Train The Graham train was a hit. 54590325 On tour in San Diego A little lunch break 54590326 Beer tasting while on tour we had a little sample 54590327 A private car museum Toured a private car museum in San Diego 54590328 Tractor talk? I know they are talking about farming 54590329 San Diego Meet The one and only one Hollywood 54590330 Mechanics at the banquet The Peterborough banquet 1999 54590331 Peterborough, Ontario 1999 Hospitality room 54590332 Hospitality room 1999 54590333 A giant? Touring a minature village 54590334 Lunch break While touring in Peterborough 1999 54590335 Discussion group Talking car restoration at one of the tour stops 54590336 A beautiful 1939 On tour 54590337 Peterborough, Ontario 1999 The car show 54590338 2000 Graham meet Portland, Oregon Banquet 54590339 Car Show Portland 2000 54590340 At the show Parts to buy? 54590341 Car Shwo A couple showing their Graham 54590342 On tour in the Portland area Also included a boat trip on the Columbia river 54590343 On tour Heading to a winery for wine tasting 54590344 Portland Oregon Hospitality room 2000 54590345 Breakfast time A full complimentry breakfast 54590346 Hospitality room Portland meet 2000 54590347 Portland, Oregon 2000 Haveing a little lunch 54590348 On the way to Durango, CO 2001 A stop in Wheat Ridge, thanks Carl 54590349 On the way to Durango A stop in Grand Junction, Thanks Jim 54590350 Durango, Colorado Graham meet 2001 on tour 54590351 Lunch anyone? always a great time to visit. 54590352 Somewhere in Colorado Probably discussing car restoration 54590353 The great train race the Durango-Silverton train versus the Graham train 54590354 Leaving Durango On the train to Silverton Colorado 54590355 The car show The Dixieland members having a group photo 54590356 A family hobby They drove their 1939 Graham to Durango 54590357 Sharknose Grhams Are they ready to bite? 54590358 Dixieland members Enjoying the banquet 54590359 Banquet time in Durango 2001 Let's eat! 54590360 Greensboro Graham meet 2002 We are getting ready for the meet 54590361 Hospitality room Greensboro 2002 54590362 Bob Timberlake Touring his gallery 54590363 On tour to Chinc-a-penn 54590364 Lunch time Lots of fellowship 54590365 Replacements Limited Lots of goodies here 54590366 Twin Grahams Two 1940 Combination Coupes 54590367 The banquet in Greensboro 54590368 Dixieland members 54590369 Banquet time, good eating 54590370 Car show Taking it easy 54590371 From Argentina, drove their car tothe meet Traveling from Argentina to Alaska, stopped in Greensboro. 54590372 Canadaigua, NY 2003 Time for the hospitality room 54590373 Hospitality room Lots of information being exchanged 54590374 Taking a break Downtown Watkins Glen 2003 54590375 Touring a museum Checking out an early airplane 54590376 Canadaigua parking lot The Dixieland Region group 54590377 Going on tour Riding in a rumble seat is always fun 54590378 The wine trail in the finger lakes region Whereis the wine? 54590379 Wine tasting Just one of the wineries we stopped at. 54590380 Car show time Three Sharknose Grahams 54590381 An all orginal Graham A very big car, and it ran great. 54590382