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Graham restoration

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This site is for the restoration of 1938 thru 1940 Spirit of Motion Graham Automobiles. More commonly called Sharknose Graham. The 1938 Graham was designed by Amos Northup to include the spirit of motion brought about the styling from the aircraft industry, and to include the styling of the Art Deco period. The Graham-Paige Motor Company used the knight as an emblem and this emblem was used in the design of the Spirit of Motion. The hood emblem, door handles, body design to the head light design incorporated the use of the knight head.

In Europe the design won numerious awards at the Salons d'Elegance in Paris, Lyons, Bordauex, and Marseilles. However the style was too radical for the American public and that hampered sales. In 1938 there were only approximately 5020 cars sold all of them being a four door sedan. In 1939 Graham added a two door sedan and a combination coupe, but sales were still slow with only 5400 cars being sold. In 1940 sales fell to around 1000 cars even after having a redesigned front end and other improvments. The 1940 car was also renamed the Senior car, but production ended in early 1940. The Hollywood Graham was produced in 1940 and ended in later 1940. Very little advertising was done in 1940 for the Senior car or for the Hollywood.

Due to slow sales of these cars, parts inventories were used up on later production cars and this can cause differences in authenticity in different model years. Also over the years extra add-ons were installed by previous owners and are not authentic.

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